The past 

I was a young wife and smitten after our son was born.

Our baby was crazy and moments to myself were far and in between.

I’m not sure if my Dad was watching Blaise but I was by myself 

Found this at the PX (store for military) on clearance and I wore it proudly every time.

C- for Charles 

I wear nothing proudly of his anymore. I am curious as to why it’s hard to throw it away.. guess I remember so many moments inthat necklace. the compliments the memories I have of it.

Charles went to Iraq for 16 months and I stayed faithful to him while I had to raise our 6 month son

What an asshole I married

The fucking spouse I picked 

Ugh… he is chock full of despicable memories 

But he is also a part of so many decent and good memories as well.

I still hate him not as much 3 years later but I do 

I still am angry at myself for having such crappy people in my life as well. Kendra and Charles fucking douches…

I allowed them in and made excuses for them

I’m glad they are both kicked to the curb.

I have my own bank account now and my Alaska money and any money I make will go there 

Am I saving to leave him? Maybe I don’t know. But I will not be without a backup plan to leave his sorry behind again 

I will not be without the resources to find my own place and get as far away from him as possible. 

It’s not funny but I find the humor in both of them talking about if they feel the same way about each other after the kids are grown they would leave us for each other. Charles said we were just joking.

Fuckers anyways 

Now as he wants to stay with me and I think of our kids being grown and him going to do whatever and me just cleaning all of my belongings and bailing on his ass. 

No note. No nothing.. No one there for him when he gets home and totally out of nowhere

I just leave..

That is what I think about 

Is it really revenge??


It’s more of a fuck you kind of dream

And he wouldn’t be surprised but he would be you know

Because the man still doesn’t understand the damage he put me through. He thinks whatever could she possibly be upset at me for now? I’m a fucking saint now! Presently I’m not sleeping around behind her back with a crappy friend and not being a fraud yeah me! Now let’s build a relationship together!

Sorry Not Sorry I don’t get out my party hat Charles


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