How does a betrayed answer?

Yeah I recently was asked if I had done the assessment. I did! And attending a Bible study with asshat for marriage while he was texting Kendra behind my back at the time.

Ugh. I tried again though just to see and I couldnt make it through the test.

What used to be simple answers are no longer simple 

Do you prefer to:

Hold your spouses hand or

Get a gift from them?

Do you prefer to: spend time alone with your spouse or do an activity with them in public?

All odd questions for me..

Are they odd for you? 

You can check the test out by Googling 5 love language assessment.


One thought on “How does a betrayed answer?

  1. Yes we did that test. I didn’t find it odd, but in terms of what we were going through I found it…blissfully optimistic…I wish there had been an option that asked, which would you rather 1) A cheating spouse or 2) cancer…

    Plot twist: How about BOTH?

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