Your story is far from over, the journey has just begun 

Oh how I believe this now, how I can smile and say YES 

Oh NH you may be married to an adulterer but your story is not over!

My life, joy, happiness is not dependent on my husband it never was because really he never made me happy. 

I should have left him a long time ago but the fighter in me wouldn’t quit. 

I made excuses for myself on how I should be treated. I no longer feel that way or stand for any kind of strange behavior 

I really thought my journey was over that I fought the good fight and I was done 

And as I continue move, grow, pursue the right things, strengthen the muscles of the fruits of the spirit 

Instead of hate, malice, bitterness, and resentment 

I find myself to be lighter, finding freedom

From all the fear, anger and pain..

The suffering will always be with me but I would rather strengthen the hope I have In God as He does not waste anything. 

And I’m so glad I was given the kindness, compassion, and grace to do so. 

To b encouraged to not end my life, to have a husband that has given me more pain, but who has also respected me enough to give me time and anything I want to do is encouraged. Besides dating websites which he’s blocked with our filter which is a great thing😂😂

Thank you for reading and your journey is far from over 



One thought on “Your story is far from over, the journey has just begun 

  1. LOL…it’s funny that your cheating husband has blocked the dating websites from your network. I’m am the technology-wiz in my household…it’s half the reason my husband got caught. I would learn to navigate those controls myself, because if he knows how to set them, he ALSO knows how to get around them…

    Ahh…but alas, even going into year three the suspicion in me never goes away…I will still obsess over his emails and text messages and search history every now and then just because the trust has never really returned…

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