Crying together 

We cried together

Oh how we laugh together 

He isn’t such a unlaughable prick anymore 

And I don’t realize that I’m being a prick to him at times and I made him cry.

And then I cried 

Not sympathy for him 

But I was sad

And so was he 

We both were crying for different reasons yet the same circumstance 

Have to say I’m gaining on year 3 of after affair and year 16 of being married and that was a first

Time to get some shut eye 


2 thoughts on “Crying together 

    • Don’t fight for a cheater, they weren’t protecting you, let go of a cheater (can we ever trust them again), It’s okay to cry for a cheater, just don’t destroy yourself because of them, stay true to yourself with your integrity, walking away opens the door for happiness and love that you can trust in.It takes strength to model healthy self care by not settling for a toxic relationship. Leaving an unhealthy enviroment where cheating or emotional abuse was involved shows strength and love for yourself, especially if kids are involved, you and your kids deserve a healthy relationship. My sister sent this to me after my 2nd Dday. I pray everyday for guidance to make the right choice for me and my family. It is so hard.

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