Now I’m not one to look for the good things that come out of marrying someone I should have walked right on by 

But here they are:

1. Being a stronger me. How? Good grief being married to someone as judgemental and controlling I found so much validation without him. I still lost my ever lovin mind after affair but I definitely know who I am more. 

2. Being heartbroken by an adulterer leaves a pretty hefty mark on so many levels of a me. So being that broken hearted I don’t really freak out or thing anything is really that big of a deal. Having what I thought was my life be a big fat fraud? That was a big deal everything else just doesn’t come close

Unless we are talking about my kids and well I still get pretty amped❤❤❤❤

3. Seems my spouse is not unique. Cheaters are everywhere! Seems like to actually be faithful is a lost art. I mean how can there be so many sluts with a ring on? And why couldn’t I have a faithful spouse. I had a 50/50 shot and lost. Which in turn yes it does suck to be a betrayed. Because many blame us, and society wants to put the blame on the one who didn’t screw around. 

Exactly how did my character come into question here? Was I fucking someone else in a WalMart parking lot? 

Which brings me to the point of I am unique. I am the one who married a selfish man who didn’t get any better he faked so much. And I stayed the course, loved my kids, and kept my integrity. 

I grew, I matured, I stayed faithful, and by all means I am not perfect, but I would rather be a unique betrayed spouse than be a dime a dozen adulterer. It’s easy to lie, cheat, be delusional, and validate wrongs. Happens all the time.

I’m not one of them and when I wanted and even envied the act of adultery I’m glad my sweet blogging pals, friends, and God protected me. 

4. I’m so much better now. I wish I never lost it and wanted to die. I wish our son was kept from the sadness and screaming. I am a better mother, follower of Christ, friend, leader, and well NH because of all the heartbreak. I wish it didn’t have to happen but it did. 

5. My relationship with Charles is not better in the sense of his cheating showed me the lowest bar of a spouse I put up with. My standards were so unbelievably low to marry him and continue with him. My standards are pretty high now in regards to respect, how he talks to me, how I want to be treated, how I will not be treated. 

Well those are some thoughts on my mind now off to go clean my kitchen and work on college algebra😊😊😊


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