Our house had an ice dam and so we are insulating the roof more and trying to handle our 1955 baby 

We have been joking lately together and sometimes they are completely inappropriate and refer to his cheating 

Or I will show him my FB memories 

And it will be like a few weeks before DDay and then we sold our house and then we were on a beach in AK

FB memories in years 

Anyways I say this because we joke about him impersonating me and me saying that must be some other woman 

Because that’d clearly not your wife 

And it’s not referring to Kendra just that it’s possible he’s doing an impression of me and it could be some random woman 

And we laugh

And we joke about things that probably should not be made fun of 

But we do and in the moment I’m having fun 

I’m enjoying having Charles around lately 

Just like a guy friend who I’ve been married to for almost 16 years

Ugh if only anniversaries didn’t exist 

9 thoughts on “Jokes 

  1. *sorry my English!

    I read your blog this week, EVERYTHING! I felt your pain so deeply (cried). You are a very strong woman, I have no idea how you did it, you are keeping your family together. I’m going to tell my opinion from someone outside while it is still fresh in my mind. Your Charles is guilt for sure but I really believe that Kendra is the worst.

    This is what I understood:

    (I’m not making excuses for him, having an affair is about selfishness and ego) but He was never interest in her before, never cheated before, he was lost, he though you didn’t love him but he didn’t go looking for someone else.

    Kendra was attracted to him from the beginning, she was probably jealous of you too and she knew you were having problems. So she went for it because she wanted him.

    He is a man (again no excuse) and what I mean by that is: men are different than woman. He didn’t think about the results (k probably did) he just felt good after some time being lonely and lost and then she stroke his ego with common interests (music), gave him attention, being there, opening her legs and then he thought he was in love.

    Still he didn’t left your family during this time. (I know you are going to be angry now) He was going to meetings with you, went on vacation.. So he still was being your husband and father for the kids. Funny thing is if he really was in love with her he would take her to other places (one night vacation, movies, restaurants) he only “did” her like a prostitute in cars, roads, her house. He didn’t spend money on her did he?

    But she is a woman, she probably fantasized about him, daydream about them together. I truly believe she was in love with him. So she let him treat her like a whore (he said he didn’t like to watch her kids, how low can someone go). He said he doesn’t remember what they talked about it, I bet she does.

    In the end he realized that he fuck up and that you did love him. HE BROKE UP WITH HER! And wanted to leave the city with the family. She didn’t like that and I believe your husband when he said she let her laptop open for bob to find everything.

    I think she would leave Bob for Charles if Charles wanted. She end up in second place. Poor Bob. You always talk about how she should suffer, And I think she really is/was. I don’t believe she is happy, CHARLES CHOOSE YOU over her and then you guys move on to another state. You won in her book!

    Charles told you that they did everything together (they started, they tried to ended) but I will be not surprise if in reality she began (made the first move) and he ended!

    So yes he is guilt but she saw an opportunity and took it.

    Ps1: I lived among, good wives, cheating husbands and whores LOL, but I will tell you about it in another time.

    PS2: You said that the affair was not the best thing that ever happened to your marriage and I agree with you. But sadly he only realized how much he loves you and your family after the fuck up. He would probably be the same distant self without the affair.

    I really hope you are happy ! It’s been a long time since I prayed but I did after a read your blog. I asked god to make you happy 🙏

    Xx from Portugal

    • Sorry, I’m not sure now. I thought that he broke up with her after you said once “He was over her before they were caught”

      I’m still thinking about you today! You are strong and beautiful person!


      • Please tell me he knows that what they had was not love! After 3 years does he realizes that? And do you believe it? That love is beautiful, honest and makes you feel full. That he had lust or maybe fear of being alone? Because again affairs are all about ego.

        I didn’t understand something, (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want it) did they sleep in your old bed? you said they tried once but your little angel didn’t let them (I don’t believe in coincidences, god loves you and didn’t let that happened that day)

        What happened with you was horrible. But I do believe in second chances that’s why I’m praying that he now sees how he made a black hole of guilt and pain in his soul. Maybe you are here to show him that? to show him how real love is suppose to be. Are you better? Please give some hope that anything good came from his mess.

        Can I do anything for you? Pray, listen..? I can send positive notes or messages. You said you wanted to be healthy, I do have a page on Instagram about that, I lost 20kg (40lb?) as result but in an really healthy easygoing way. Just let me know.

        Xx 😘😘

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