Frustrated Within

Charles posts this and I immediately think of Kendra 

At the time my almost slut husband/father/man plays footsie with another almost slut mother/wife/woman

And the dance began 

But it didn’t have to 

I immediately put Kendra in the prostitutes position and wanted to say a woman was prostituting herself to you and you did nothing but encourage someone to go the wrong way with their life. You participated in the destruction of something sacred not just the marriage, or her marriage but the woman the person she was or pretended to be anyway! 

Made me so mad 

But then I thought she did the same to him. I will never know the whole truth about what went on between them 1. Because liars lie especially at the time it was all fresh after DDay they just trained themselves to lie not only others but unfortunately to themselves and to each other. 

2. Because I just won’t Charles always has a foggy memory always has and always will and he doesn’t want to remember I don’t blame him makes sense 

She did the same. A poor man in soul and chatacter found attention in the arms of someone who only wanted to use him. She could have helped him, encouraged him as a friend or human should 

I have to say Shane did that for me. 

I enjoyed the attention, I enjoyed the conversation, and the friendship

And he kept from meeting with me and he encouraged me that I would feel horrible if anything did happen 

Which he was game for either way. 

I was also encouraged to to the right thing by friends online and off. 

I could have went the other way

God always protected me 

Many times I could have had an affair whether I was working or at home. 

But I was always protected with wise counsel and by my own conviction from God and myself 

Guess what I’m trying to say is I’m glad I’m not like them

Even if it hurts I’m glad I never have been in a situation like Charles or Kendra 


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