Not between Charles and I 

I mean I suppose I must look it up more however for Kendra 

Not that I want to be friends again

I just want to say I’m sorry for calling you a POS

For saying she’s a terrible mother

All of those judgements are from me

Are there some truths not really

More anger and retaliation

How each raise their children is none of my concern

Especially her

I wronged her 

Yes I know she wronged me a billion times over

Charles too 

However I feel remorse over the names I called her and the things I would imagine myself doing to her.

Like kicking her in the teeth and breaking bones

That’s my own sin

My own rage 

I am sorry for that 

Yes I know I’m human but I truly stooped to their level 

If there even are levels which in my beliefs there are not 

I did 

If I hadn’t been so focused on retaliation maybe I could have protected my children better.

Maybe I could have been more level headed 

But whatevs past is past 

But I am sorry for creating more ugliness in the world because of hurt 

Because I was badly wounded and wanted revenge 

Realistically it’s an excuse I had a choice and I chose wrong 

Not every choice 

But I wronged Kendra when I didn’t need to 

Charles too and I apologized as well 

Because really just being them is punishment enough


2 thoughts on “Reconciliation 

  1. Such an incredible thought. True, they get to be themselves, and that is bad enough.

    I have never confronted my husband’s mistress, and I think she does not even know that I know it all.

    I wait for my time to tell her.

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