Year 3 in the bag some thoughts 

Sometimes when we are having sex and it’s really good I think how could he want to share himself with someone else?

Then he grosses me out at that very moment during sex 

Lately on his frequent trips out of town I’ve been thinking to ask him is there someone else? Because seriously tell me you have this sick way of making me feel comfortably with you and turns out you are not who I thought you were 🤢🤢

I figure this out 12 years later he’s a complete douche bag

I really do not want to wait around another 12 more 

I mean because only time will tell.

I just want my reality to be mine. 

Does that make sense? 

Beautiful day today! Time for some spring cleaning 😊


6 thoughts on “Year 3 in the bag some thoughts 

  1. Makes perfect sense to me hon. They exploded our reality when they chose to have an affair.

    I have come to the conclusion that we now have to make our own reality, and if they happen to be in it, that is their good fortune! X

  2. You should ask your husband what is going on in his frequent trips for sake of peace of mind. And is it working trip? is it possible to go with him on one or two trips to see for yourself?

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