A busted fairytale 

I keep seeing articles of How to put your spouse first and articles of that sort 

And let’s just say  

I have that now 

Guys he even said he dreamt about me 

He has never said that 16 years in 

And sometimes when we talk I’d say at least 1/2 it’s all 

Hey my beautiful wife 

And I’m just over here like Meh…

Also saw the sweetest couple go to Disneyworld for their 10th anni 

And I am so jealous 

I want what I will never have at least with Charles 

Maybe anyone 

Who knows 

Makes me sad not like overtly sad but also turns me into a problem solver 

Seeing that even though my marriage is a busted fairytale that it doesn’t have to stay that way 

What is important to me?

To God? 

How do I change my mind about my busted fairytale that will always be busted? 

If I stay with Charles I will always be married to an adulterer 


However how big am I willing to put that on a scale of priorities?

I mean really I put Charles on a pedestal he never belonged on. I felt lucky I never thought him lucky to have me.

Even changing that perspective of me is difficult and difficult

Why did I dislike myself so much to marry such a man.

And I know I like myself a WHOLE bunch more! 

So as my marriage is a busted fairytale that cannot be fixed.

Looking at myself, figuring out what is important to me that is on the table more than anything else😊

And while I miss the romance I used to have knowing staying there does nothing for me and figuring out how to move forward

So I don’t have a love for my husband but what do I have? 

A lot of other things 

Alright been a busy day off to rest just needed to get that off my chest 



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