Losing weight together 

Ugh so if you’ve been around this blog for awhile I’ve mentioned being a plus sized vessel.

Yup and when I met Charles I was bigger as well

No skinny to fat story here well except for Charles he’s always been small 

Anyways we both want to lose weight and it seems typical 

No more babies, kids are all potty trained and well here we are pleasantly plump and if we want to continue this journey called life it would be beneficial for the lbs on the scale to lower 

And he’s on board and I’m kinda on board I’ve been on my own kind of plan and it’s not really working 

Y’all know how I feel about doing anything together with Charles besides parenting and church 

But am I such a sucker whenever he says 

           I will wait for you                           

Anyways so both of us are trying to eat better.

Finals are almost over 1 project down 2 to go!!


One thought on “Losing weight together 

  1. I think this is a great idea! I can only imagine how you feel about doing this with him, but he is your husband and you did decide to stay. Try and see what happens 😃

    To lose weight forever (in my opinion, I lost 20kg) just workout and diet doesn’t work you have to chance your habits. Ex: I used to eat bread a lot specially for breakfast (because it was easy) I changed for oats or eggs with sweet potato or smoothie… To this day I do not like to eat bread, I only have it if there is nothing else, even when I visit my in-laws or friends they know I don’t eat/like bread anymore and they have something else, it’s sweet (It’s not that I never eat bread I just prefer something else)

    The best advices that I read and they worked (for me)
    1- don’t drink your calories, seriously love water and tea, they are great no only to lose weight but for your health
    2- stop all soft drinks even no sugar options
    3- a bad workout is better than no workout (sometimes I’m no feeling so a only do a light walk instead of running)
    4- if you feel lazy, put your workout clothes and then decided if you want to do something or not 😉

    I could talk about this forever! Just let me know if you need something. Baby steps work best if you don’t want to give up after 2 weeks, start walking everyday for one hour, put some music, look others peoples houses 🙈 after you are used to that you can start running, hiit (best thing to lose weight but it’s difficult), strength training. I did everything at home with YouTube.

    YOU CAN DO IT 💪👊

    Ps: I will wait for you – it did melt my heart a little 😊😊 like I said before it’s the price that he has to pay now, to wait for the love of his wife without knowing if it will ever came back.

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