Sometimes skinny blonde girls get me

With Kendra’s shape of face.

Not that I get angry 

Or afraid of them stealing anything besides my joy for a moment 

Because I see them and I remember her 

Like a living nightmare 

At the moment I catch my breathe 

I’m not sure when that will stop 

When people stop reminding me of her 

I wish it would 

But we all know what really happens with wishes 

Today I’m a little sad 

My heart aches somedays as I start off another day achieving goals

Being me because so many things remind me of who I used to be and who I used to love 

And how that love is no longer 


2 thoughts on “Sometimes skinny blonde girls get me

  1. I promise you that person is still inside. I was the same way with women with the same body features as ‘what’s her face’…still kind of am. I still don’t know what I would do if I bump into her, because she was so delibrate and asked if it were possible to tear our family apart…so for my kids I still feel the momma bear. It’s honestly so much better being divorced for me. Though he hasn’t changed a bit he still relies on me to tell him what he is responsible for and tries to get away with as much as possible. It’s stressful, but I have to just keep on going to God. I want to freak out…and I cry…do some push ups…cry…listen to music…cry…get advice…cry…write..cry…and then chose to get up and say “I can do this…I can smile…there’s joy some where to be found in today and I’m going to find it.” And I do. God is faithful.

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