A Happy Mothers Day

My house looks like this and I don’t care I will get to it this week.

I am not over-eating or going out to eat

I am taking care of myself like I should have done. I wanted someone to love so badly I forgot that loving myself was an option when I became smitten with Charles.

Maybe that is why I seem to not be smitten with him not just because of his disappointments but because no one except God deserves that kind of adoration.

I am so thankful to be a Mother to Boy, Em, Bell, and Squish 

I know I will survive without Charles in our lives but he makes this family complete

I want to encourage any mother or non-mother because of betrayal who just wants to give up on life and is done. 

I’m not going to tell you to have positivity, or things get better with time because sometimes time is relative and what do you do in the mean time while you feel so much suffering? 

Don’t give up whatever caused you to smile that isn’t destructive to yourself do that before you met.

Eat, drink (water mostly), and find your smiles

I gave up on me, my kids, and was just done…

What I worked so hard for crashed like a ton of bricks on my heart and I didn’t know what to do.

And I had so many wonderful women encourage me here and outside of the blogsphere to not give up

So here’s my encouragement to you

You will survive this if you choose and you are just as brilliant as you were before a cheater came into your life 

No matter how many cheaters or scandals there are. 

You are still undeniably talented, beautiful, and a work of art

There is no problem in a relationship so big or small that choosing to lie to someone in a mutually committed relationship is a part of 

No the terrible part is the liar, the fraud

They are the problem in the relationship until that is fixed there is no problem solving to be had at all

Who can build a relationship with a fraud, a liar, who will tear down every attempt of what a mutually committed relationship is?

Do not blame yourself it does no good and certainly do not waste time blaming the cheater. What good comes from confirming what they already are? 

You are important. I forgot that part being in a codependent useless relationship with a fraud of a man 

Didn’t realize it until after the fact 

Anyways I am rambling on.. so here’s to us Mothers on Mother’s Day 

I love you all and am learning to fall in love with my beautiful, wonderfully made self!! 

Cheers to the day!! 

So thankful to my four blessings who made me a mother 

Even to Charles that wonderful sperm donor did well by me in the creating a kid department

Love NH


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