Downfalls of the crazy

My crazy 

It’s a little foolish 

But you know all the awesome FB posts where the husbands say my wife is such an awesome mother to our kids 

Yeah I don’t get that, but that’s all me because I don’t want him tagging  me on FB posts we don’t have that kind of relationship 

But I’m angry 😡 about something I told him not to do


And then he runs 13 miles in a 1/2 marathon and I encourage him and follow him but at the end I’m like this mother fucker can do this but can’t not be a slut adulterer!!

Couldn’t work hard to be a loyal partner but worked so hard to delete their conversations everyday 


But is he a backstabber now? 3 years ago I found out my husband is a fraud and now he claims he is no longer 

The strength to move on and am I going to? 

I’m angry tonight and I’ve been for a little while and even though I have been keeping it to myself my family is quickly falling apart…


I miss the days where I thought I had anything with my husband 

I also do no miss being treated so poorly

Today has been great with the constantly checking on me and seeing if I need anything…

Charles really has been gracious and nice

And I’m the one with the big problem 

NH out 

-feeling Frustrated 


7 thoughts on “Downfalls of the crazy

  1. We all have days like this, NH. At least I do. A lot of days to be honest. Massive sadness trigger last night leaving me with a trigger hangover today. Bleh! Much love. X

    • Me too I am so quitting sugar and have to exercise I feel like I am better at not wanting to punch him in the throat or go down a spiral of despair when I am working at taking care of myself which is really a chore!! 😂😂😂😂 why can’t I eat whatever I want and be mentally stable😂😂😂
      Thanks FA here’s to taking time to unwind today ❤❤❤

  2. Well hello, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling angry. I have followed you the last several years on this journey you have taken. Because I too was cheated on, by my wife. Not the same circumstances; it was a co-worker and it lasted for 6 months until I found out suddenly. And now we are 3-1/2 years from that event. We are still together.
    Believe me, it has not been easy! But she is completely and totally committed and in love with me. Me? Well…maybe 90%. But that’s just from residual lessons-learned, and like you, remembering what she did. I do love her and am happy to say, once again, I can spend the rest of my life with her. Our kids are happy, our marriage is good, our sex life is not what it was…it is 10x better. How can that be? I don’t know. Probably by just saying fuck it, here is what you want, here is what I want.
    I don’t think I can tell you what to do at this point, or give you advice. I would like to, but I think you’d just think I was an ass. But what helped me the most, was to just let go of so much; those things that triggered me, those things that made me angry. Little things. Big things. Trust me, it was very hard! And sometimes I slip and start having angry thoughts again, but I quickly turn on them and chase them away as they don’t do any good.
    Hell, just this past Friday night, my wife won an award where she works. And guess who was going to be there? Him. Yep, him. All of her/our friends knew and warned him to stay the fuck away. Wish he did, because he is a pussy. But guess what? We had a run-in. Miraculously, I didn’t kill him, or cause a scene. I just stared him down while he sat in his car, waiting for his wife (yes, the one he cheated on with mine) to get in. It felt very good for me, and I’m sure super uncomfortable for him. I enjoyed it.
    Anyway, I should start my own blog! I just want you to be happy, and if you can find any advice between the lines of these words, then I’ve done my good deed. I feel like we are friends, since I have “known” you for so long now. It’s a sad story we share.
    Good luck to you!

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