16 years ago I got hitched and why May?? Dammit everyone gets married in May

Yup 3 years after affair and 3 certain days to not lose my ever loving mind every anti-versary I have just wanted to leave him on a whim 

Because emotions got the best of me.

I wish I could forget marriage anniversarys didn’t exist at all but that would mean forgoing the sweetest couples I know who are married. 

And I shared a hitched date with two sweet friends 

Ugh Facebook plagues me and blesses me at the same time!

Sometimes I think about it and it just gets me! 

Boy gets back tomorrow from camping so it will be a great day to see him.

I love that kid so much! 


2 thoughts on “16 years ago I got hitched and why May?? Dammit everyone gets married in May

  1. Anniversaries were agony…I tried so hard to “play the part” and it was so fake…I wasn’t trying to be fake, I wanted so badly things to work out. I didn’t want to complain so I just tried to create and ended up fabricating. It was awful. Mine was in the beginning of May and I can honestly say this year was the first year I felt so free. Last year I cried before the Anniversary but was really shocked at how freeing it was not to celebrate, not to try to celebrate something that was so broken you couldn’t fake it away.
    I really pray that God gives you a deep inner knowing which way to go and that you start to have peace and build on acceptance and just trusting God has you. Such an awful thing to walk through…I don’t say this to put pressure on you at all…I’m wishing, hoping, praying…God will do this work for you and you’ll just know. ❤ Hugs

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