Another anniversary down

Because anti-versary is just too hard to spell

And I am married 

I have been for 16 years 

Am I super happy it’s with him 


I know I know my dreams and expectations don’t die easy

Finding new ones, accepting the death, and carrying on many of you know it’s not what comes easy to me 

It’s his birthday today and I’m making a pie and a casserole 

I remember how I used to dote over him and lavish him with presents

Now I really don’t put that much effort out 

I try to be as kind As I can 

I am learning to celebrate my own anniversary 

The one where I am faithful and I worked hard for my family because I love my family 

Not because I have a spouse who will share the dream of this family and be someone I will grow old with 

I celebrate my victory

Not ours 

I’m sure I will celebrate an ours when our boy graduates high school 

Maybe one day I will celebrate an ours or respect him like I did

Counseling has had me going over relationships 

Basic things 

I doubt I will ever feel a huge amount of respect for him again but I am open to it 

I doubt his dreams will be a priority 

But I’m so happy mine are for me.


5 thoughts on “Another anniversary down

    • Hey you!! I failed then dropped out of college algebra next semester does it count that I got my foreign languages out of the way??šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ still am in school just taking one class at a time

      • It counts. I almost dropped out of advanced statistics but ended up just riding it out. Good thing too cause I ended up with a B. I’m halfway through now. 2 more years šŸ’€ the damn foreign languages almost gave me a stroke.

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