It’s my 3 year anniversary on WordPress

Oh May is just a month for me to remember so many things.

Last night found out boy has been lying pretty extensively about his schoolwork 

For months

He didn’t fail but I’m so pissed still 

I know he’s my teenage boy he will lie

But I’d be lying if this doesn’t trigger me

I wish I could co-parent with someone who wasn’t an adulterer 

Because in my mind it kind of disqualifies him from walking alongside me as I work with boy or even discussing this with him 

Why does it disqualify him? Because a part of me feels he can’t understand my anger, hurt, or pain being lied to and deceived 

I mean maybe he knows because of how Kendra threw him under the bus with all her lies 

But seriously as much as he deserves it I don’t feel his crappy life choices with her are some sort of life lesson for him.

God forgave him in his mind and he’s just trying to be a better man 

Good for him I guess 

I don’t know if he understands the pain of being deceived 

Which is how I come to still fantasize on leaving his behind when he least expects it


7 thoughts on “It’s my 3 year anniversary on WordPress

    • Not sure been thinking about it the last couple of days more as to an I just afraid to be without him? Am I afraid I will struggle financially because stats show I will or can I break the mold and be a different stat. I plan too much in my head and then become overwhelmed at times.
      Tonight he bought me my favorite cookies so thats cool.
      Lately in counseling I’ve been learning about healthy relationships so there’s that even got a book. I wonder if I occupy myself too much to distract me but I do have such a full life with Charles.. I am also on my period which can sometimes make me a little more cray than usual..
      I think if I had a career and could support myself fully with a paid off home and cars then yeah I would leave him but right now that isn’t happening also my kiddos need me too. Especially that big little lug of a young man who I’m hoping doesn’t follow in his father’s footsteps.
      Excuses maybe, but I’m majority happy with my life being married to Charles. Is it what I dreamed no, but nice thing about all of this is I’m finding other dreams that hopefully will supersede the others. The want to be with someone else is still there though T. That I am missing out on a relationship that I could be extremely happy in. I do wonder about that which makes me want to slap myself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  1. Ah….NH. Me too. I just caught our teenage boy lying to his girlfriend. He just turned 16 and had his first official girlfriend. She came to our house for his birthday dinner. Sweet girl, shy. Anyways, I still monitor his phone. So I’m going through it the other night and see he told her this big whopping lie. He did it because a few days before she had went swimming with a male friend. She told him about it. My boy got pissed off and ignored her for two days. Then, when he did talk to her again he told her this manipulative lie that was designed to make her feel bad.. I snaked out. No. I can’t help the fact that I married a liar, I didn’t know. I can control what my son becomes though. He lost his phone, permanently. I called her and told her he isn’t allowed to have girlfriends and then I told her exactly why. Then I had to apologize for him because He’s still my responsibility. It was husband who had this moment of “oh shit, did he get it from me”? I didn’t wanna rub it in his face so I didn’t say anything really. He knows though. The shit never ends.

  2. Love this!

    “I don’t know if he understands the pain of being deceived

    Which is how I come to still fantasize on leaving his behind when he least expects”

    That’s exactly what I’m planning to do!

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