A loss

I have a hard time with the loss of my husband the guy I knew.

That pain still is quite fierce and I’m working through that with the therapist.

I really wish I had closure 

That I could talk it over with my husband and say goodbye 

He would say it isn’t working Nia and I want to sext Kendra and pursue Kendra as a love Interest.

And I would say wow thanks for being honest and not being a deadbeat cheater

And I would say how unfortunate you feel that way and are tossing our marriage aside for trash but okay.

Goodbye.: I will miss us, but this is for the best because you are more of a jerk than I thought you were 

And I would have hugged him and let him walk out on our life 

I would have called Bob too. 

And that would have been that

I could have said goodbye 

I could have seen the man I believed I married and said goodbye 

I wish for the strangest things…

Maybe I just want control anyway I’m reading this book now. The therapist gave it to me. It’s pretty good so far 

And I’m learning about addictive relationships as well 

Which was mindblowing 


5 thoughts on “A loss

  1. …affair from different perspectives.
    Who’s to know whether we would have really reacted any differently if our partner said they were leaving us first. The devastation may not have been any different. But at least there would be some integrity in that. There is no integrity in cheating. Hugs and love to you. SWxo

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