He’s home 

The last couple of days I missed him.

I truly did. 

As a person to just cut someone out of their lives this has been such a growing experience for me. 

Because I one did get to cut someone out of my life Kendra 

And I didn’t and won’t ever even if I leave Charles he’s never cut out completely 

The children are so happy to have him home 

I am more relaxed hugging him felt nice. 

I’m sure he will say something stupid again. Like the whole responsibility thing or because he’s still growing into a loving man least that is what he’s showing me he’s trying to do. 

I’m enjoying time with him and enjoying time with myself. While he was gone the kids and I had a fabulous time. 

I’m feeling definitely more positive about life when he and I are talking. Not talking to him is more work, so is the anger. 

And yes there are plenty of things to   be angry about. And yes I still do hate him if we strip all the layers of what I’m trying to build here

My family and a partnership because we are looking to visit Kansas next year.  

I am changing and Charles is changing.

I did talk with him about the responsibility thing. At least I think I did. 

I will again. 

Times like these I wouldn’t ever think being single and sharing out kids is ever an option 

One of these days I’m sure I’ll get it together.. even if that day is on my deathbed 😂😂😂😂


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