He’s home 

The last couple of days I missed him.

I truly did. 

As a person to just cut someone out of their lives this has been such a growing experience for me. 

Because I one did get to cut someone out of my life Kendra 

And I didn’t and won’t ever even if I leave Charles he’s never cut out completely 

The children are so happy to have him home 

I am more relaxed hugging him felt nice. 

I’m sure he will say something stupid again. Like the whole responsibility thing or because he’s still growing into a loving man least that is what he’s showing me he’s trying to do. 

I’m enjoying time with him and enjoying time with myself. While he was gone the kids and I had a fabulous time. 

I’m feeling definitely more positive about life when he and I are talking. Not talking to him is more work, so is the anger. 

And yes there are plenty of things to   be angry about. And yes I still do hate him if we strip all the layers of what I’m trying to build here

My family and a partnership because we are looking to visit Kansas next year.  

I am changing and Charles is changing.

I did talk with him about the responsibility thing. At least I think I did. 

I will again. 

Times like these I wouldn’t ever think being single and sharing out kids is ever an option 

One of these days I’m sure I’ll get it together.. even if that day is on my deathbed 😂😂😂😂


4 thoughts on “He’s home 

  1. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. There are no words. No adequate words, anyway. Please accept a virtual hug. *H* I hope everything gets better soon–I understand it won’t be the same, but at least…better.

    • NH. Are you ok? I worry that your alcoholic/abusive husband will hurt you, especially now that he is starting to blame you for his actions. He wants you to take responsibility. LOL.. He is the one who f**ked some slut on the side of the road, in the Walmart parking lot, in your house with your kids there, in the sluts house with her kids there, met up with her when working out of town, exposed you and your unborn baby to diseases, let you watch her kids when he was meeting her, they both stabbed you in the back and laughed about it while doing it, now he is one sick SOB, God has a special place waiting for him and the slut. He is capable of hurting you and thinking nothing about it. Hopefully you have just been busy with school starting for you and your kiddos. I hope everything gets better soon and you find happiness.Sending hugs and prayers for you and your kids

      • Hello FW my app has been acting up and thank you for the kindness and worry.
        Still together and you are so correct on being busy with a highschooler, 2 elementary, and a preschooler things are hopping here always.
        Thank you for your prayers, hugs, and kindness ❤️❤️❤️

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