History still hurts

Charles is moving up in his career always learning and growing and I am happy

No not just because it’s a possibility for us to get more moneyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I wanted to text him you’ve always been a good leader and how I admired him for that.

He used to be a leader in the military until he got out.

And I didn’t text him because he was always humble when dealing with soldiers or leadership..

Never with me and the truth of that still stings. Probably will for awhile.

Not just the fact I married a backstabbing two faced jerk! But I also tolerated shitty behavior as if that is love or someone who cares for me. I married a man who didn’t care I carried our children, homeschooled, advocated, budgeted, meal planned for our family. Didn’t give me the decency of being respected and honored.

Ugh all the swear words want to make their presence.

But also I didn’t treat myself highly. So why should he? Well if he was a Man and not a foolish little boy he would have. But I was a foolish little girl. I didn’t value myself and the things I did or tried to do. For heavens sake I had no clue how to make myself happy or know the things I loved to do to just relax! After all this trauma occurred

Now I do well most of the time. Yet the history of all of that still stings

Not just Charles’s failing but mine as well..

2 thoughts on “History still hurts

  1. I struggle to give OH praise for the things he does. Reminds me of all the years he took me, and all the things I do, for granted, whilst he praised the OW’s”talents” on social media to the hilt.

    Completely get the desire to swear! πŸ˜‰

    Still rankles!

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