Hey Jealousy

Sometimes I beat you..

sometimes you don’t get to me at all

this unromantic life, this lackluster marriage

I don’t think of you at all.::

I’m busy.. dress shop, magnets, cooking utensils, kids

But sometimes I catch a glimpse, a glimpse of the romance in other couples lives and I want that

I want to be madly in love again but maybe that was the problem I shouldn’t be madly in love with anyone unless it’s myself

Or God…

I miss having a partner

I think sometimes I miss being one

Jealousy you got the best of me tonight

Here’s to tomorrow

May I close my eyes and start the new day

2 thoughts on “Hey Jealousy

  1. I also miss the feeling of loving someone or being in love, but NOT in my husband; hmmmm…does it makes sense?

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