Being employed

Love my job love who I work with ❤️❤️❤️

But I am getting tired of only two days off a week there’s so little time to do things

Like you guys my laundry seriously it’s bananas

And not in a good way but I get my first full paycheck this week.

Excited to pay off debt and get back on track with finances

My friend got me to try ruby ribbon which is a bra alternative have you heard about it?

It’s okay so far but I’m not sure how I feel about it the rack is up but just feels weird

As for Charles and I we are just getting cranky he’s finishing up a semester in school and is cranky which I don’t blame him school is soooo Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh

Our quality of life gets so murky when him or I or the both of us are going to school

I understand his sadness

Anyways here’s to another week of work

And to accomplishing goals

Also I really love my kids all 4 of them are changing so rapidly but they are all my babies and I’m so happy to be their Mom

I’m glad I stayed alive and didn’t harm anyone or myself like I wanted to years ago

I try not to cringe when I think about what I would have done how much I wanted to stab Charles how much I wanted to die

I try to remember how hurt I was and how I dealt with the blow as a weak woman trying to find bearings where there weren’t any to be found. And smile that I lived through it that I had a support system of women and men and fellow bloggers that lifted me up when I was so down.::

I’m so grateful for everything and happy to be alive

Married to a cheater but whatevs things are pretty good for the most part

Till next time


9 thoughts on “Being employed

  1. yay! I just knew a job would help boost your self confidence! And honestly, try not to sit and think too hard about your past, you may have handled things like shit, but fuck it, you are only human. You are in a different place now, at least your mind is – thats all that matters! Much love! XOXO

  2. You’re doing so well! ❤ HURRAH for money! lol – it's nice to be able to feel comfortable and have even the wiggle room for "self care." (For me, this means being able to thrift shift stop and go for sushi or pho or try the much-cheaper lunch menu of a new restaurant with my friend. lol)

    Haven't heard of Ruby Ribbon but I'll check them out. I tried Third Love… my cups spilleth ovah and the straps fall to the sides (it's a design issue, they fall off whether tight or loose) but the center at least stays put so I don't have two giant mounds with stabby underwire poking out at the middle like a boob-unicorn. LOL! And straps falling or not, the girls stay up.

  3. “I’m glad I stayed alive and didn’t harm anyone or myself like I wanted to years ago” – so important to remember the path! Sometimes we forget just how freaking hard, life-threatening – LITERALLY – this journey is. You are awesome! No weak woman here, lady, you’re as strong as a lion.

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