The bra alternative Ruby Ribbon and looking at my cheater husband

After writing that title I wondered if cheater husband was a good description I mean he says he isn’t cheating now but geesh does it ever mean anything? Will it ever? I wonder

Anyways you guys I had never known about Ruby Ribbon but a math teacher invited me to a party and it’s like a tank top girdle. And they are pricey they call then cami’s but whatevs and well it holds the rack upright and does okay. I’m not itching to get the bra off so guess that’s a win. I bought 2 at the party and their nipple pads.

I’ve only been wearing them a week now but not too terrible. Beats an I’ll-fitting bra that’s for sure though

Alright now back to Charles

Lately I’ve been thinking if arranged marriages can work why can’t Charles and I?

I mean I don’t want to be married to him but we work well with the kids together, love Jesus, and well did I mention we work well together😂😂😂 and my kiddos want their family and need it together and being with Charles isn’t miserable

But it sure isn’t the can’t wait to be in his arms doable, so attractive situation either.

I wonder if one day I can look at my husband -and not see one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.

I truly wish he understood and maybe he does but it’s so terrible when something good comes from him because it’s an awful reminder of the past good and bad..

Alright falling asleep

Laundry situation is still 4-5 baskets of laundry chilling in my living room

And I recently talked about laundry and how it isn’t working out for me and my family and a woman said why not do your and husbands Together,the girls separately, and then the boy

Blew my mind…

Am going to try it

How do you do laundry?

Lots of love

Till next time


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