Progress Chart

Charles disappointed me yesterday and I thought this really is it.

I am over this..

This is the moment that my therapist said would come.

And it wasn’t over something petty it was over him being rude and selfish concerning my 84 yr old father.

And I was done.:

However knowing a lot about myself I gave it time

I gave myself sometime to compose myself and talked to him

I have no idea what for it’s like talking to a wall. He asked me, my girls saw me crying today, and I told him all that was on my mind..

and you know what he said

Thanks for sharing

And that was it

Now I can’t be mad at the guy for not responding the way I want him to..

but what is the point? Why did I tell him anything? Why am I including him in my pain thinking the opposite will happen with him that we could talk it out perhaps I have no idea

Hello insanity table for 1

Oh you guys

I keep thinking I am responsible for my healing so what does my progress chart look like?

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