The Experiments

1. Choose love and to hug and kiss him when he walks in the door

2. Treating him as my children treat him

3. Stop sending hate mail

4. Pray for M and S and our families everyday

5. Don’t Sell Myself Short

6. To remember what I know right now and the love and care that I have received in my life FAR outweighs the betrayal and lies 

7. Do not focus on anything just think about the healing process. How far I have come and where I want to be in healing my heart, mind, and soul 

8.  I will (try) not to be upset with my life with M unless he does something in that day to upset me. No more going back to remembering the whore days, or what he has done. Choose to see what he is doing today!

9. Stay away from infidelity material


3 thoughts on “The Experiments

  1. I feel for you! During my first marriage, my kids were little and so my whole recovery was somewhat easy since I couldn’t be (naughty) because of them. My current husband has cheated on me 4 times in the last 16 years (and why stay with him??) story is similiar but I am at a different stage of my life – 24 years in this marriage and near retirement. I have never been to this site before – so taking it all in!

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