I once commented to someone how my life is like the Maury show now and without Jesus it could quickly become Jerry Springer in a heartbeat.

I won’t divulge much because honestly my mother cheated and I remember hearing mean things about my Mom. I want my kids and my ex-BFF’s kids who are still young not to have to find out anything about who or what their parents have done at Sunday school, school, around town, or from others besides their Mom or Dad.

So all parties have kids. All parties for right now are choosing to stay together.

I won’t use my name and only probably post videos and pictures of me in a mask, or something. Not because I’m ashamed, but I don’t want to hurt anyone believe it or not I love my husband and I still love my ex-BFF, her husband, and her precious kids. (But I do still have tons of hate and anger too, way more than love right now)

Hate and anger like mine not only ruins families but can damage reputations, deter healing, and that is why I know my hate has to go. Because I don’t want to regret hurting the wounded already, or the innocent. I know I have hurt my husband in ways I could never imagine while processing this affair. I know this hate and anger will continue to change my character and turn me into something I’m not. I am willing to have Jesus help me and even while I feel it’s fake at times to choose love, I need to, Β not just for my kids, but for myself.

What’s that saying “Hurt people, hurt people”.

So here’s to the experiment.. I hope it’s a good one and maybe if you are in a similar position we can do this together.



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  1. I know you don’t want comments but I don’t listen well.

    Your post today about the hate mail? Sister that was me and I, like you finally had to make myself quit. Blogging has helped me, and so has my ‘new’ circle of blogging friends. You might want to let people comment because you now belong to the shittest club in the world ‘The betrayed spouses club’ but the members are a bunch of kickass women. We are all crazy, angry, hurt women, but we are survivors .

    I have walked in the dark alone like you, and it sucks. These women and some men now walk with me and it’s easier. They cheer for my siccess and cry when I stumble, they laugh with me, and we kind of get through it together…like a support group πŸ™‚

    Date night is gonna suck for awhile, but it will get easier. God never promised us life was gonna be easy, but the right path rarely is. Hugs to you my sweet friend.

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      …are you getting a negative vibe from these gods, or is it just me? Honesty, this is a side job for me. I am not a professional godsmith, but it seems I am the only one who payed attention in class. Before you kicked me out that is.
      Grant Jonathan Sanford, king

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  3. Very very very difficult topic indeed. On the outside looking in, I have to say I commend you for wanting to remain civil with the people involved, for the sake of the kids. But on the outside looking in, I also don’t want you to lose yourself and happiness, in the midst of remaining civil with all those involved, for the sake of the kids. Very difficult topic indeed.

    Hate holds you down like a shackle, and creates no real harm to the one you hate…in this example that is. However, that hate can consume your every being. Even if there is a glimmer of positive energy inside, remaining after this ordeal, the hate will devour even that. I genuinely wish you the very best on this immensely difficult journey.

    The burden you face is a tough one. God bless as you weather through this horrible storm.

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