Kendra the Bitch

Gosh today I hate Kendra the Bitch.. KB whenever I don’t feel like typing the bitch’s full name out..

I saw a funny post by Ben’s Bitter Blog the picture said

“Have Courage Break All Your New Year Resolutions Early”

Makes me laugh everytime I read that.

M claims he never wants to hurt or leave me. We all know where I stand in all of that.

However one thing I know is abso-fucking-lutely not happening in 2015? My best NYR?

Is Kendra the Bitch will no longer be in my life in 2015!

Yup her smug skinny little trashy self will not be smiling in mine and my beautiful children’s faces nor friends I introduced her too.

That bitch will not be in my home, in my cars, in our lives. I mean if M still wants a piece of that disgusting woman have at it.

I know my children will be raised by a mother who values herself and others. Also point out living mother.. praise the Lord for wise words, friends, and love that was poured into me aplenty when I wanted to die.

I still get tempted. But I’m learning growing.

This is a resolution that just was kind of made for me. I haven’t emailed the broad in months, not a text, a phone call.

I won’t hear her stupid whiny voice on the phone complaining about this or that.

I know 2015 will be a clean bill of Kendra the Bitch for me and my children.

I feel a bit sad that my children loved her. I mean they did. Her stupid ass was and still is a hard lesson for my children to get over.

Shit still is for me too

But physically that bitch will not by my admission be around our children, or me.

I hope she has a completely fucked up New Year and her birthday sucks as well.

Yes, yes, I know you’re thinking

Good grief NH the weight of hate for Kendra is pretty strong.

and I will say Fuck Yeah it is!!

However I still find love for others, I still am making new friends, and the hate I have for Kendra doesn’t consume me.

I mean 3 NYE’s ago was when M and Kendra the Bitch decided to play footsie, sext, and fuck.. and her birthday is on Jan 4th. So yeah I’m a bit triggered I mean I was the one who got people together to celebrate her birthday and in doing so her ass texts my husband after we celebrate with her. She’s a low down dirty trick.

I’d post her picture to show what a loser I had for a supposedly best friend, but what do I need to impose that kind of UGLY on this precious space of mine.

What a wash of a self-conscious, back-stabbing, sad excuse for a woman.

I’m glad that her presence in my daughter’s lives was cut short. I mean what a sick woman to have around my girls.

If you are reading this Kendra-the-Bitch

Here’s to a rotten New Year’s to you and a fucked up birthday. I hope your cheating best friend Melissa and you are still playing games with people and just waiting for your asses to be handed to you one day.

May all your dreams never come true, and may you live a lonely womanly (I said womanly you don’t count in this phrase Bob)existence because who could befriend a horrible bitch like you?

I really should tell our two other mutual friends so they don’t have to be slighted to what a shifty shady bitch you are and they don’t waste their time on your stupid fake friendships either.

I would love to drop off another liquor bouquet with notes about how small of a woman you are, but why waste my time?

Well enough about that skank..

on to the next post..





4 thoughts on “Kendra the Bitch

  1. Surprised you haven’t outed her to all your mutual friends. It is a great litmus test. Better yet, tell them in the third person and see if they jump on her then tell them it’s her. If they retract and jump back to defend her it’s an indictment on them.

    • I know but I feel it does her injustice because she’s not a homewrecker at all.. she’s just a lying, disgusting douche bag, backstabbing, self-loathing woman.. I mean if there was a site like that I would definitely put her on it. 🙂 ❤ you Shattered Happy New Year!! ❤

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